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The lowly North American blueberry has risen to stardom because of its great taste and health benefits - not to mention the fact that it is one of only a few naturally blue foods! A cup of these little fruits contains as high or higher levels of antioxidants than 2 cups broccoli, 2 cups spinach, or 1 cups orange sections. Antioxidants lower free radicals in the body. Since free radicals can alter DNA to cause cancer, alter LDL so that it sticks to artery walls, or damage collagen, making skin more wrinkle prone, the addition of naturally occurring antioxidants to the diet is just simply a great idea. Much of the antioxidant property of the blueberry comes from anthocyanins: the pigments that give blueberries their deep blue hue.

When contemplating recipes think about the variety you're using for cooking. Small wild varieties bake well becoming sweeter with heat. Larger sweet fruits make excellent sauces and snacks and mid-sized sweet fruits add variation in sauces and pies. At the farm we tend to experiment by mixing varieties to obtain the consistencies and flavors we want in any given recipe.

Blueberries are a delicious and healthy way to enhance every day and fancy cooking. Please have fun trying variations of recipes and new recipes and by all means let us know how you're doing.

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