The Farm & U-Pick

Certified Organic Blueberries
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Certified Organic Producer # 1506

38302 SR 530 NE
Arlington, WA 98223
(360) 436-1951

We are located 23 miles east of Arlington, Washington on SR 530.

Farm Fruit Stand and U-Pick
starting July 15
Tuesday through Saturday
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Weather permitting (can't pick fruit when it's wet!)

Owners: Tom & Valerie Wall

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Remember to check our Facebook and the weather forecast (available on the right of this page) to make sure it's not raining or excessively hot, and the fields are open. We are always closed on Sunday and Mondays.

Picking fruit and vegetables for and with your family is a rewarding and educational experience. The benefits of organic food are significant not only for the consumer but also for the environment. We are glad that you share in our love of a healthier life style and planet. The following is an introduction to blueberry picking and the precautions we take to keep our fields and fruit healthy. We hope you enjoy your experience.

We ask that you do not bring other small fruit with you to the farm. This would include raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries, and grapes among others. Unfortunately, we have a new pest introduced to California in 2008 from China that is now appearing in small fruits in Washington. There is no intervention for this tiny fruit fly that particularly likes small fruits and is highly destructive to crops.

Please use our clean up stations to wash your hands and clean the soles of your shoes before entering the field.

Blueberries do not ripen uniformly within the cluster. For best results use both hands and roll (do not squeeze) ripe fruit from the cluster into the palm of the opposite hand. This prevents fruit bruising and damage to the tender fruiting shoots of the plant and leaves the rest of the fruit in the cluster to finish ripening.

You may want to review the description of the three varieties available on our Fruit page so that you pick exactly what you are looking for. Most important enjoy your time here. If we can be of any assistance at all do not hesitate to ask.

We have picking "buckets" available but you will need to bring containers for carrying your fruit home.

Our farm began in 1997 when we purchased the property and first thought of converting it from an idle dairy farm field into a blueberry field. The "we" in this idea are Tom, Val, Jessica and Tom Wall. Val's bright idea grew out of a family farming background in California – although her family grew oranges (a far cry from blueberries) – and Tom's fond memories of spending wonderful childhood days with grandparents in Darrington. Tom and Jessica, the younger Walls have enthusiastically come along for the ride. Since its inception the concept of fields of berries has grown to 5 acres of blueberries in particular.

We look forward to having you visit our farm. We grow 3 varieties of highbush blueberries – Spartans, Rubels and Jerseys. We earned organic certification from the Washington State Department of Agriculture in October 2005. This means that we use only organic materials approved by the WSDA, and maintain a farm plan that works to further the health and natural cleanliness of the environment. Organic farming means that "management practices are designed to restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony." Organic farms must be re-certified each year and are regularly inspected to insure that organic procedures and ecological protections are being followed. Our goal is provide you with superior grade fruit while enhancing the natural health and well-being of the soils, plants and animals in our environment.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainable growing practices, our farm was evaluated through Stewardship Partners and received Salmon Safe certification in Spring 2007. This is an emerging Northwest eco-label that recognizes farmers who protect water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and on-farm biodiversity. We are a just a half mile from the north fork of the Stillaguamish River and understand that we are living in a watershed and the way we treat the land has downstream impacts. Salmon-Safe certification recognizes our efforts to protect our wetlands and waterways, prevent soil erosion, use natural weed and pest control methods in lieu of harmful chemicals, practice water conservation, and encourage a diversity of plant and wildlife habitat. Our farm landscape plays a role as a wildlife refuge in our increasingly urbanizing region.

The result of sustainable, bio-diverse, organic farming is a peaceful place in which the plants and animals enhance one another. Wildflowers and mixed clover beds that provide habitat to our ladybugs and bees surround our fields. In return these little critters care for the plants. We spend a lot of time hand weeding and roto-tilling to insure that soil nutrients are kept primarily available to the blueberries.

The older plants in these fields have lived here since 2000 with only organic nutrients. Second and third plantings were completed in May and September 2005 from a virus free nursery in Oregon. Their fruit comes only from canes grown while in our fields with production beginning in 2011. We have approximately 5 acres of high bush blueberries containing 6000 plants.

Clean Air Zone

Whitehorse Meadows Farm partners with the Snohomish Health District to support a no-smoking and no-vaping policy at our farm.